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Produced by Farmavet in the plant: alfaITMC000057

Moisturizes, protects and repairs the cell wall.

COMPOSITION: Potassium Chloride  Sodium Chloride – Yeast and similar products.

BY IMMERSION* (during the resorption of the yolk sac and early power until adaptation to inert feed) 0,24 ml per litro. To define the number of days and number of tanks to determine the quantity of product. Shake well before use.

VIA ORALE (in the first 15-20 days of feeding with inert feed) from 0 to 600 mg/kg. To define the duration and the feed necessary to determine the quantity of product. Shake well before use.

* About the administration by immersion should be made a consideration. The fish living in the water interact, of course, directly with this and to maintain balance body osmotic they drink very little or not at all if they are in fresh water while drinking a great deal if you are at sea. It is conceivable, therefore, that in marine fish species, route of administration by immersion have good results.


NUTRITIONAL, VITAMINS, PROVITAMINS AND SUBSTANCES HAVING SIMILAR EFFECT: L-Carnitine (3a310) 115.000 mg | Inositol (3a900) 9.000 mg | Taurine (3a370) 40.000 mg | Choline Hydrochloride (3a890) 118.750 mg.

ANALYTIC COMPONENTSHumidity 62,16% | Crude Protein 21,73% | Crude Cellulose 0,08% | Crude Oils and Fats 0,00% | Crude Ashes 0,32% | Calcium 0,00% | Sodium 0,04% | Phosphorus 0,00% | Magnesium 0,00% | Lysine 0,00% | Methionine 0,00%.

Net Weight 1 Kg

The Farmavet, in terms of sustainability and good animal husbandry practice, has focused in the last 10 years of all the efforts in trying to develop and propose to livestock farms a line of products designed to drastically reduce the use of antibiotics .
This philosophy and years of research have led to the emergence of a liquid supplement called Carniton Fish whose formulation, commercially original, is based on a mixture of Carnitine, Taurine and Inositol.

This supplement acts in the intestine and its functions in the weaning phase are:

  • rehydration for an increase of the intracellular osmotic pressure.
  • protection of the cell wall since the carnitine and cysteine ​​have a powerful antioxidant (Taurine precursor of taurine and glutathione). The positive effects of carnitine, moreover, have already been demonstrated on fish in general and in particular on bass.
  • cysteine, thanks to the presence in its molecule of a sulfur atom, has restorative action of the cell wall damaged by the formation of free radicals.
  • inositol has an insulin-like action through the formation of GMP cyclase.

It is currently tested only in domestic species of terrestrial livestock (pigs, chickens, hens, sheep, etc.) And always gave excellent results, this is likely due to the fact that the intestinal epithelium has needs and the development of similar mechanisms regardless of species .
The advantages observed are a significant improvement of the composition of the faeces, increased feed consumption, and thanks to a better intestinal absorption of the feed to weight gain of the animals on average equal to 8-10%, considerable reduction of underweight subjects.
What is most striking, however, is the disappearance of enteric forms with the resulting non-use of antibiotics (and in the zinc oxide pigs).
The intestinal tract is the main access route for pathogens, this is particularly stressed during the weaning stage. The Carniton Fish aims promote the welfare intestinal epithelium at this delicate stage of life resulting in: increased survival, improved growth rate and greatly different between subjects, reduction (elimination) of antibiotic treatments.